Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 3 Follow-Up (Yes, I realize it's late.....)

Greetings from what could have been Day 4........ If I had made it through Day 3. I'm jumping ahead even though I'm actually late. ;-)

Day 3 was somewhat disastrous for me and the 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. I started the day off well, consuming one of the best ones I had made yet (kale, pears, red grapes, parsley). Once again I chose to make a larger portion and time it where it was breakfast and lunch combined. It worked out well. I drank a ridiculous amount of water, made it through a somewhat interesting day and brought my butt home. That's where things went downhill... Let's just say I did not have a dinner smoothie. At whatever time I grabbed the grilled chicken salad out of the fridge and inhaled it with my fingers.... Yep, you read it. I was halfway through "just a bite or two" when I realized it was halfway gone. Thinking how rude and ridiculous I must have looked I pulled a fork out of the door and ate every last bite.... It was good. No dressing. Simple goodness for my starving self.

Conclusion......... I lost a little over three pounds and starved the entire time. I was not ready to take on the 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Maybe if I had started watching my food consumption for a week or two prior it would have worked but I started after a weekend of 9lbs of Chinese food...... I may try again in the future but for now I am only trying to incorporate smoothies into my regular diet.

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