Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 3 Follow-Up (Yes, I realize it's late.....)

Greetings from what could have been Day 4........ If I had made it through Day 3. I'm jumping ahead even though I'm actually late. ;-)

Day 3 was somewhat disastrous for me and the 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. I started the day off well, consuming one of the best ones I had made yet (kale, pears, red grapes, parsley). Once again I chose to make a larger portion and time it where it was breakfast and lunch combined. It worked out well. I drank a ridiculous amount of water, made it through a somewhat interesting day and brought my butt home. That's where things went downhill... Let's just say I did not have a dinner smoothie. At whatever time I grabbed the grilled chicken salad out of the fridge and inhaled it with my fingers.... Yep, you read it. I was halfway through "just a bite or two" when I realized it was halfway gone. Thinking how rude and ridiculous I must have looked I pulled a fork out of the door and ate every last bite.... It was good. No dressing. Simple goodness for my starving self.

Conclusion......... I lost a little over three pounds and starved the entire time. I was not ready to take on the 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Maybe if I had started watching my food consumption for a week or two prior it would have worked but I started after a weekend of 9lbs of Chinese food...... I may try again in the future but for now I am only trying to incorporate smoothies into my regular diet.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2 Follow-Up

Good evening to the few of you that may actually be reading the 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge!! Today has been interesting & I've been hungry. More specifically, I am craving dairy... I love milk & cheeses. I had my morning smoothie with the basic recipe but added more kale, a kiwi & some papaya. I sipped on it until mid-day (you may remember I am not a breakfast eater so it was breakfast & lunch combined).....pretty sure the diet does not recommend skipping. :) I was starving by the time I got home & snacked on a few carrots. My dinner consisted of another smoothie that I made with mustard greens, parsley, an apple, red grapes & a little papaya. It wasn't as good as I had hoped & was a little hot to my tongue. Thinking it may have been the mustard greens. I had a few cashews afterward. Have a great night! More tomorrow.

Exhausted Beege

Day 1 Follow-Up & Start of Day 2

Good morning!
I must say my smoothie this morning is better than yesterday but I'm getting ahead of myself.... I left you yesterday after the preparation and tasting of my breakfast and lunch smoothies. They tasted better than I thought but I must tell you my belly started to hurt after the initial smoothie. I have a sensitive stomach so I am not surprised. :) I also learned another lesson.....drink the entire smoothie to keep hunger at bay. The recipe I posted yesterday is supposed to yield one quart......I'm not sure if it did because I didn't measure or pay attention but I suggest you drink the entire thing to feel full longer. I started off strong. I had my mind in the right place, I was fighting the belly ache and really wanted to hang on...... I didn't. Yep, you read it. I did not make a smoothie for dinner. I wanted to bite. I wanted to chew. I wanted something solid. So I caved. I sliced an avocado and ate it with grapes and carrots. It was so good. It wasn't a cheeseburger or crab cakes but it was so awesome to chew after sucking down kale smoothies all day. I thought I would be madder at myself than I was. I like to win but struggle with self discipline. I went to bed feeling rather proud of myself even though I had "dinner".

On to this morning.....
I lost 1.2 pounds yesterday!!!!! OH YEAH!!!! I'm sure the weight loss made me a little more eager to make my breakfast smoothie. Due to time constraints, I didn't measure the ingredients. I started with the kale base (2 or so bunches) then added a whole mango, whole kiwi, cup of ice and a small amount of papaya. It's better today. I am hoping the belly ache is less today than yesterday.

Must run and weigh in for "In the Know". We are revealing our resolutions today on air!!! :) Until later.....


Monday, January 2, 2012

Three Day Green Smoothie Challenge Day 1

Isn't it funny how you wake up thinking about food on the day you know you can't have any? I don't even eat breakfast or like some of the frozen stuff Anna eats in the mornings but caught myself eyeing her Boston cream pie toaster strudel. I hate Boston cream anything. I hate cream filling. On the bright side, I weighed when I got up and was pleasantly surprised. I was almost certain I weighed 10 more pounds than I do.....not kidding AT ALL. I have decided that growing old brings on gray hair AND weight redistribution. How is it possible to weigh within a few pounds as I did a year ago but my clothes feel totally different. Weight redistribution. All of my weight has chosen my torso to set up middle age residence.

By 7:10, I managed to drink a couple of cups of water but wondered about my coffee? I thought I had read enough in two days to be prepared...... What did it say about coffee?!?!? What about my energy shot?!?! Oh dear. They are liquid.... :)

After the morning dust settled, I set about tackling my three day endeavor. I chose the beginner recipe (will share below). It looked simple enough. Lessons.... I did learn that kitchen shears are a must. I DO need to learn how to properly cut/handle mango......I'm sure there is a YouTube video somewhere. Ice is preferred to water (for me anyway) and you should purée instead of liquefy unless you want small bits of kale. I did go ahead and prepare my smoothie for lunch using the remaining mixture in the blender (maybe a cup or so?!?!) and adding more kale with half of a banana. (Sorry can taste the dinner smoothie. :) I will post pics in a bit.

Verdict.....much better than I anticipated!! The smoothie actually tastes good to me. I didn't have to add honey and my senses were not offended at all.

Basic Balance (Beginner Green Smoothie)
1 mango
1 cup kale
1 cup water

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!

Okay, so I am taking the three day green smoothie challenge starting tomorrow...... We shall see. :) For those of you that know me well, you know I have a weak stomach & will vomit if the situation is less than pleasant. True story.

You may also know that the characters of our show, "In the Know", have signed on to do their New Year's resolutions the general manager, this includes me.. Ugh. :) I thought that some of you may like to read my daily adventures so I am finally using my blog.

Until tomorrow.....