Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1 Follow-Up & Start of Day 2

Good morning!
I must say my smoothie this morning is better than yesterday but I'm getting ahead of myself.... I left you yesterday after the preparation and tasting of my breakfast and lunch smoothies. They tasted better than I thought but I must tell you my belly started to hurt after the initial smoothie. I have a sensitive stomach so I am not surprised. :) I also learned another lesson.....drink the entire smoothie to keep hunger at bay. The recipe I posted yesterday is supposed to yield one quart......I'm not sure if it did because I didn't measure or pay attention but I suggest you drink the entire thing to feel full longer. I started off strong. I had my mind in the right place, I was fighting the belly ache and really wanted to hang on...... I didn't. Yep, you read it. I did not make a smoothie for dinner. I wanted to bite. I wanted to chew. I wanted something solid. So I caved. I sliced an avocado and ate it with grapes and carrots. It was so good. It wasn't a cheeseburger or crab cakes but it was so awesome to chew after sucking down kale smoothies all day. I thought I would be madder at myself than I was. I like to win but struggle with self discipline. I went to bed feeling rather proud of myself even though I had "dinner".

On to this morning.....
I lost 1.2 pounds yesterday!!!!! OH YEAH!!!! I'm sure the weight loss made me a little more eager to make my breakfast smoothie. Due to time constraints, I didn't measure the ingredients. I started with the kale base (2 or so bunches) then added a whole mango, whole kiwi, cup of ice and a small amount of papaya. It's better today. I am hoping the belly ache is less today than yesterday.

Must run and weigh in for "In the Know". We are revealing our resolutions today on air!!! :) Until later.....


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